"Solange ich atme, greife ich an."
- Bernard Hinault

Dolce “Stijl” Novo Riccardo Guasco archatlas:

Dolce “Stijl” Novo Riccardo Guasco archatlas:

Dolce “Stijl” Novo Riccardo Guasco
“We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.”
— Ernest Hemingway (via beatboxgoesthump)

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Novi Zagreb playgrounds architectureofdoom:

Novi Zagreb playgrounds


Between October 13th and 26th a joint police operation called “mos maiorum” take place in nearly all European countries to identify, imprison and finally deport illegalized migrants. Thousands of people will be subject to so called “racial profiling” and will be harrased and criminalised upon those criteria.

This site tries to document the actions that are part of “mos maiorum” and to make ist effects visible to everyone. Please contribute to document public police checkpoints or identity checks throughout the european union.

+++ How to Report and get Alerts +++

> By using an app:

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> By sending a tweet with the hashtag/s:

> By filling this form:

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Happy Birthday Nietzsche